Covid Safety Guidelines

We are putting everything in place to make sure our gym is covid secure. 

A maximum number of 6 members will be allowed in the premises at any given time, with a maximum stay of 1 hour. This will be reviewed as things progress. Studio class numbers will be reduced to 4 or 5. There will be a revised timetable to begin with, and outside classes will have more numbers – 8 to 12.

May we ask that you download the Clubright App. We will now be using this as our main app to book in classes and to use the gym. This app will also allow you to monitor how many members are in the gym at any given time, and you can book your gym or class slot in advance.  Over time you will be able to tell the busy and quiet times in the gym which will allow you to plan in advance. The app provides you with a barcode which will allow you to scan in and out contactless at the beginning and end of your sessions.  Please note it is essential that you scan in and out to assist with track and tracing

Along with all businesses, we will be assisting NHS Test and Trace with requests for member contact data if required.  This is so that each person could be contacted if there was a case of covid-19 connected to our facility. 

Ventilation is an important part of mitigating against the transmission of covid-19. As part of our efforts to support this, we will keep the building doors open to keep fresh supplies of air flowing into the gym and studio spaces.  Fans will be turned on throughout. 

The facility will be disinfected at different intervals throughout the day, with deep cleaning every evening. 

Please make note of the following:

  • We will be checking temperatures before allowing access
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided
  • Members will be provided with sanitising wipes to wipe down equipment after use
  • All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician
  • Members should arrive already kitted out for exercise and are strongly encouraged to change/shower at home where possible
  • Members are asked to bring their own towels as these can no longer be provided communally
  • Water fountains no longer permit face-to-tap drinking, so please bring your personal bottle to refill
  • A maximum number of 3 people will be allowed in the changing room at any given time but should be avoided as much as possible
  • We would encourage using back-to-back or side-to-side interactions (rather than face-to-face) with staff and gym members whenever possible.