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A place to workout

Whether you’re a gym newbie or training is your thing, we’ll take your fitness further than you ever thought possible.

No one says it’ll be easy but with your own coach, a unique programme and a digitally connected experience you’ll be on track to smash your goals.

Fitness Coach

Get ready. Your coach is about to take you on the best journey you'll ever make! We'll get to know you and your body from your competencies, DNA, health history, to the time you can train, to create your unique programme that's uploaded to your Fitness mobile app. We'll be there every step.

Mobile App

Grab your phone and download the Fitness mobile app, available for Apple and Android, to access your programme. Training starts now! Use the app to connect to the studio equipment, follow your programme and connect with your coach 24/7 through the messenger service. You can also integrate your favourite fitness apps, capture all your moves and track your progress. Tech is our buzz.

Personal Training

Get booking your PT with your coach, they'll get you where you want to be! Motivation, focus, our coaches give you more than just a workout. Your coach will review your results and tweak your programme, so you'll only ever make progress.


Sweat hard, tone up, try something new, whatever your vibe, we have a class for you. Group classes available exclusively for members. So, what are you waiting for?!

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